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1.  Start today, don't wait until Monday start now!  At this point you can lose an average of 2 lbs per week with clean eating and even light exercise which means about 12-18 lbs. Can you imagine what that could do for you???  

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2.  Start small- cut out the processed sugars, the refined white breads, the soda, and excess carbs.  Real your labels and stop buying foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce or understand. Cut out ONE thing each week, finish what you have, rid your house of candy, give away the cookies, bring that stuff to work and let your co-workers have at it! Start fresh!

3.  Don't feel guilty for not buying sweets for your kids.  THEY do NOT DESERVE IT!  If it makes you feel weighed down, sluggish, and tired can you imagine what it is doing to their little minds?!?  Consider a bowl full of sugary cereal and then sending them off to school.  Can you say major brain fog and lack of attention! How can we expect our kids to eat like that and then have a good day at school.


4.  If you struggle with finding the time in your day to make healthy meals then replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology. 

Why???  First of all Shakeology is NOT A PROTEIN SHAKE and I know that most people just throw it into that category, or they compare it to all the other shakes on the market.  I want to STOP you dead in your tracks and explain why it isn't.  Shakeology is a meal replacement, and not a protein shake.  It has the right carb to protein ratio your body needs to stay full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  It has the fast burning carbohydrates with the slower burning protein to keep you satisfied.  

It has a ton of natural, not processed ingredients that are going to meet your daily requirements for vitamins and nutrients. So you notice that the energy you were lacking is decreased because you are now getting vitamins and nutrients that give you energy.  Your cravings for sweets are decreased which is originally caused by vitamin deficiency and you are no longer deficient.  You are not over eating because Shakeology is portion controlled, so your portions are in check. (Ask me how you can order this)

Shakeology is not just for weight loss.  It's for nutrition, and of course .....when you have proper nutrition you naturally lose weight! Shakeology is something I do everyday because its convenient, it's healthy, it does not add to my grocery budget but it replaces something I used to have that was less healthy! Truly it's what I start my morning out with, and occasionally I have it for my last snack of the day.  Its $4 a day which is on the low end of an average meal which is $4-$7 for the average healthy meal.

So when you look at clean eating and Shakeology as an investment in your health how can you deny it!  It's the one thing that keeps me on track when life gets busy!  HECK, I'm no different that anybody soon as that alarm goes off I'm running to get my butt out of the door to work. I drink my ShakeO in the car during my commute and finish it at the office. I'm totally saving money...what I used to spend at McDonalds was over 6 bucks...and I don't want to think of how many calories...ShakeO is 140 Calories. Life is fast & now I grab a shake and go!

Your body is the ONLY body that you are going to get.  If you don't treat it with respect now it won't do you good later on!

5.  Lastly, look at your food as fuel and not as comfort.  When you eat, always ask yourself is this giving me energy, is this giving me nutrients or is this purely comfort and to fill a void?  There will be instances where you eat for fun, you have some cake, you do a little party with fancy appetizers and you enjoy!  But that is not an everyday occurrence. So balance the good with the bad, be flexible, be realistic and know that you are not living a boring life eating clean.  It is going to give you more health, energy and life to do the things you love!

I'm started this Group with one goal in mind.  This HUGE PUSH GOAL is to help at least 50 Women transform their lives through transforming their fitness, as I am going to do. Side by Side, girlfriends helping girlfriends, linking arms...and going full stream ahead!  

I love seeing other people achieve their health and fitness goals with REAL results.  I love that feeling of knowing I helped them get there.  

One of the first personal development books that I will be reading is Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Push, in that book she talks about setting a push goal. A push goal is the #1 goal that if you achieve that goal it will help you to accomplish everything else on my list. 50 Awesomesauce Women is my goal!! 

I will wake up each day, and will be the this driving force for this Challenge/Support Group. I am excited, passionate and totally 100% committed to this amazing group! 
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Here's to your Success!


Amy Amidei
Becoming Your Personal Best

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