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Which should I do First--T25 or Insanity?

I've been getting a LOT of questions about the amazing T25! It's the Newest Bombdiggity program via Beachbody and honestly, besides The 21 Day Fix and PIYO, it's my FAVORITE and I could call all three of these workouts as my soul mate workouts!

Here is a preview of T25

However,  a lot of people already OWN Insanity and want to try it (maybe again for the 3rd time)... however not everyones fitness levels are the same.

Here is the deal, straight up! Insanity is freakin hard! Not what you are going to expect, or what you may have expected.  I remember my FIRST Insanity workout... I did the warm up and thought that was it, while wiping sweat off my face and dripping down my abs. Sweet baby Jesus, Shaun T's Insanity workout was over... but it wasn't. I looked at the timer and I still had 30 minutes left! Holy McGregor Batman!  

Here are a few suggestions if you are trying to decide WHICH to do... 

DO NOT just pick Insanity because you have it.... especially if you haven't done cardio, or worked out for a good solid 45 minutes in a while. Why? Because Insanity will kick your ass so hard (and so good) that a lot of people get frustrated and feel incapable of finishing. I've had a ton of Customers say, "Amy--Insanity is so hard!  I can barely get through it, and I'm really struggling"! A LOT of the time, Insanity is at a level that may be too high for you at the moment. It doesn't mean give up, it means either modify, take it slower and learn the moves or build the momentum... do as much of the DVDs as you can and don't beat yourself up if you don't finish every workout. 

KNOW your fitness range level... 1-10  Be honest with yourself

1  Means you haven't worked out, you're totally clueless as what to do
5  Means you've worked out here and there, never really totally committed, but looking to learn more--can do most moves, but you're slower and building stamina
8  Means you're a workout freak, you do pretty well, but there is room for improvement. You're dedicated to your journey and hour long workouts don't completely kill you. You can handle cardio, weight lifting, etc.
10   You barely need a break, you're looking for a new challenge, working out is a lifestyle habit, and you're a clean eating machine.

If you're at 1 can do T25- sure it will VERY hard, but you have Tania to modify with (she's the hottie in the front right hand side in the DVDs)  If you're at a 10 you CAN STILL DO T25 and get an ass kicking workout.

Basically T25 is GREAT for any level. You can either modify or you can make it harder! Add more reps, higher weights, better form, faster high knees, you name it.

Realize that Insanity is much more plyometric--A lot more jumps, a lot higher jumps, burpees and up/down movements. Insanity also has a 9-10 min warm up, 5 min stretch and about 20-30 min cardio/weight resistance HIIT workouts. T25 has very few water breaks or pauses, it's GO GO GO, but it's only 25 minutes, so every SECOND literally counts.

Which do you have time for? If 45 mins to an hour is too much for you at that level of intensity, then T25 may be a better choice.  If you're a runner, or use to working out for an hour and you want a challenge, then Insanity is a GREAT program for you. 

T25: 10 weeks

  • -25 mins a day/5x a week
  • -HIIT workouts, burn outs, resistance bands included for Beta phase
  • -2 phases: Alpha and Beta. Alpha is the first introductory phase focused on form, speed and agility. Beta increases the level of difficult. Add on GAMMA phase (like me) for an extra 4 weeks of T25!
  • -Alpha Phase 5 weeks
  • -Beta Phase 5 weeks
  • -little to no breaks
  •  no recovery weeks
Insanity: 60 days
  • 35min-45 min- 1st month
  • 55 mins - 2nd month
  • 1 recovery week in between
  • no equipment needed
  • high jumps, HIIT workouts, lots of lateral and horizontal drills
  • has water breaks--HIIT drills: 3 mins on, 30 min break, repeat

In my HONEST opinion, I love T25!! ... I love how intense T25 is without the major time commitment. I also LOVE that it's less high jumps! Oh also that it incorporates weights into the beta phase and gamma.

If I were you, I would start with T25 FIRST, and learn correct form, pace, and moves so that if you do decide to give Insanity a shot, you won't be so SHOCKED!  Insanity will get you ripped, in 60 days. If you follow it and eat clean, you're going to come out a lean mean machine.  you can take your crazy self to Insanity The Asylum and Insanity The Asylym  Volume II 

I hope this helped you with your decision making process! Feel free to Fill out the Application to join our next Challenge Group 

Oh HOLD THE PHONE-- Max30 was is the video Clip 

How funny that Shaun T was on the LIVE with Kelly and Michael Show

Here is a super funny video of Kelly and Michael doing some of the moves from Max 30 CLICK HERE
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