About The Bombshell Tribe

My name is Amy Amidei, and I'm about to become your fitness coach mixed with a little virtual BFF.  

How? By giving you the tools that I am using to change my life from the inside out and cheering you on along the way. 

I always knew the kind of women I wanted to become and I'm setting out to find her. My last name is pronounced Am-A-Day it’s Italian; it means “Friend of God”. I love Jesus, am a happy woman over forty. By the grace of God, I am an overcomer. I’ve been through my share of struggles & trials & have come out victorious on the other side. I’m so passionate about helping other plus sized women feel encouraged & supported WHILE they make healthy changes from the INSIDE ---> out with the help of a company called Beachbody!

I am the proud founder of The Bombshell Tribe & have true PASSION & PURPOSE in helping other families find THEIR way to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. I find great JOY in passing on this incredible opportunity that has changed the course of my life. I am fully committed to helping others pave the way to making their family’s dreams a reality. 

I’m always looking for new friends to connect with, support & learn from. If you share my common interests I would LOVE to connect with you! You will see me sharing encouragement in FAITH, support in business growth, and focus on honoring your family, having fun with fashion & beauty, & really highlighting how such NORMAL people can truly find their definition of SUCCESS. 

No matter what has happened in your past, no matter what our resume look like, you deserve and are worth a future filled with joy, confidence, energy, health, freedom and unlimited possibilities.

A true Bombshell knows that it takes linking arms with others and forming a true tribe so that the ripple effect of the light they shine will be a beacon to help others. 

A true Bombshell promotes and uplifts others and has a compassionate heart.

Now it's your turn, and I want to help. Fill out an app to join our next private Challenge group CLICK HERE 

You can always find me on Instagram, or my Facebook page as well! I’d love to support you in living HEALTHIER from the INSIDE out!! 

Amy Amidei
CEO, The Bombshell Tribe

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