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It’s fair to say I’m guilty of wanting to show only the pretty pictures of myself to the world. Pictures from times when I looked my best. I’ve been on a weight loss yo-yo several times in my life. 

I’ve even forgone social events, weddings, reunions, etc., because I was embarrassed about my weight. I’ve worn clothes that were NOT my preferred style because they hid me the best. I have been the picture-taker, or the one hiding behind others, when I HAD to be in the picture. I cannot possible count how many photo's I have cropped to just show my face.  

I have been there, and have felt all of that emotional and physical “weight.”
I’ve tried almost every weight loss program, used pills that were later pulled off the market by the FDA. I’ve felt depressed, overwhelmed, lethargic—and close to giving up numerous times.

Anthony Robbins says there must be a payoff somehow if you aren't changing the thing that causes you pain. Yeah, that is a true statement. I'm VERY aware of why I keep the extra weight on....and here is my story.

I am exactly aware of why I keep the extra weight on me. My weight was never in fact this high, but after going through my Mothers painful death and my subsequent grieving for her. It has spiked I'm sorry to say. 

When I was in Elementary School I was the victim of a kidnapping and sexual assault. The person stalked me for months afterwards..and I was forcibly abducted again and sexually assaulted. It forever changed me as you can imagine. 

I never really got back my sense of safety. I always keep weight on because it just made me feel safer to know that I wouldn't be "looked at" like that. It's a control aspect. Layers of protection. I realize that is a falsehood...

It never ceases to amaze me that when you really need to change...high blood pressure...and want to just look amazing again..

This is a MUST:

1. Dive into self development and swim in it. 

2. Join in a community of like minded individual to learn what you don't yet know..Thank you Beachbody

3. Get your hands on a Challenge pack...that combines a workout & Shakeology. Here was my pick     

There are lots of Shakeology flavors

4. Get in the mindset of Forest Gump.."Yes, Drill Sargent" and just do it. Just do your level vest and if you are a beginner just follow the moderator in the video and just give it 100%.

5. Drink your Shakeology..remembering that Losing weight is 20% Fitness & 80% Nutrition 

repeat that statement everyday...because you can't out exercise a crap diet...truly...

Try starting with something that you have control over like your Health and Fitness....consider joining one of my Challenge Groups! 

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