Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year New You 2017

This announcement I have to share is insane. 💡
I'M SO EXCITED!!! Stay with me...
I was never a "home workout" 🏡 person.
I went to bootcamps for HOURS, Zumba and Step Aerobic classes. I absolutely LOVED a season of my life were I truly enjoyed the release from working all my stress out.
{but I was younger and that was before more responsibility set in.... LOL!}
So I went from THAT - to - NADA.

Because... It wasn't as fun. No one was meeting me anywhere. And I could easily slip under the radar. Don't get me wrong - spending whatever time I could at home relaxing - was the BEST... But my booty didn't like it 🍑 .... 😂

I get it. You like the gym. It's fun. It's official. The equipment is there. But why not cross train? Why not have an OPTION to do -most likely- a BETTER workout - at home? For me, it was the answer to my big 'ol fitness dilemma. And I know it will continue to be for..... forever. Cheaper. Faster. Efficient. Effective.
... and I have a fitness community through my challenge groups to give me that accountability & make it fun.
I have a special announcement at the END of this novel - so keep on going..... :D
Be smart about your fitness & be open to more than one way ✌🏻
My personal favorites list for ....

🌮 kick your booty after 1-too-many Chipotle burrito bowls
💖love & be proud of yourself for each finished workout
🍔sweat out that weekend Bar-B-Q
💆🏼relieve that compounded stress or frustration
💃🏼appreciate your able-body & make it work
👶🏼keep your body healthy before/during/after babies
🏆challenge yourself with a new activity
👫challenge & strengthen your body over 40
👘stay in your jammies & look like complete chaos without judgement
🚗get it done faster without commute & move on to family & friend time
📱stream your workouts online - anytime - anywhere

The variety of home workouts is insane. That's the best part. There is always something fun for anyone to do & enjoy - you just don't know because you haven't done them yet 🤷🏼‍♀️

TO THE POINT: they just announced an incredible new fitness package. It just released and is only available just for a couple month. It's call the ANNUAL ALL ACCESS BEACHBODY ON DEMAND CHALLENGE PACK!

Ya'll are going to die. It's AMAZING!!

You get to stream your workouts ONLINE {Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, whatever} and have a full year's access to EVERY. SINGLE. PROGRAM. BEACHBODY. HAS. EVER. RELEASED.
++++ AND ++++
You will have access to EVERY. NEW. PROGRAM. THEY. RELEASE. IN. 2017. 📆

That's about $6,000 worth of fitness material!!!

So - keep your eyes peeled. Don't say I didn't tell ya!! 🗣

If you have a goal to make 2017 your HEALTHIEST year yet & want to save a ton of money to do it 💸 - reach out, comment, email me, send a pigeon. 🐦

I'll be over here hooking people up with the most convenient way to get healthy --- in the most convenient gym -- at your house! :D

📍Next Online Fitness Challenge Group starts: JANUARY 23rd! So get your ducks in a row & RSVP by JANUARY 19th when our prep starts!!
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