Thursday, February 25, 2016

22 Minutes Hard Corps

I am pumped for the release of 22 minute hard corps!!! 7 days and it goes LIVE and will be available to purchase on my website. 

You should absolutely join my next Challenge Group and I get to kick off my exclusive test group for my customers and coaches!!!!

No more excuses bc it's 22 minutes of cardio, resistance, total body workouts that are going to get you in shape for summer bc let's face it... Spring is right around the corner and then summer is close behind!! 

This is a wonderful investment in your health!

Time to start now!! Are u in!?!

Hit me up on the application below, and to get your spot in my group!!! It's time to get a move on your Summer Slim Down Plan!!! 

 It's go time peeps!! I am pumped!! Please join me as we crush it together!!

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