Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Other Side of Fear

Everyday, You have a choice. You could take the easy road and life will stay the same.. OR chose to do the difficult things...the things that scare you, push you, force you to grow...and create a life of freedom.

As a introvert, the thought of talking to people in person SCARES me. 
The thought of starting a blog OVERWHELMED me. The thought of doing Shaun T’s new CIZE program INTIMIDATES {and scared} me!
BUT everyday...I will visualize a scale. On the one side, I put all of my fears, doubts, insecurities...all of the "what could go wrongs". 
That side represented staying the same. Staying comfortable. 
On the other side...I will put all of the "SCARY" things. The uncomfortable things.
One that side, I imagined the world conspiring in my FAVOR. How incredible could my life be if I was just willing to take a chance?
EVERYDAY you will need to make a choice.

Stay the same? Or venture in to new {scary} territory. 
Stay miserable? or take a chance?
Stay in my bubble? 
Or be willing to put myself out there?
Day by Day….The Choices will start to add up on one side of the scale or the other…. YOU DECIDE..and Take MASSIVE ACTION

You might not have the courage to choose the "scary" thing EVERYDAY. But over time, the scary starts to become the EXCITING as you build your dream choice-by-choice 

I hope this encourages you to go after your goals today and leave the fears behind! 

Amy Amidei
CEO and Chief Troublemaker
The Bombshell Tribe
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