Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Coolest Things I discovered while researching my Family Tree

  • My great Uncle bought a newspaper printing office that was previously owned by Mark Twain

  • One of my distant Cousin because friends with the Author Dr. Suess and he dedicated a book called, Scrambled Eggs Super to her and her children

  • My Paternal Great Grandmother has a twin brother and I was able to share that information with my Grandmother a few years before she passed.

  • I was able completely research my Mom’s father who was killed in action in WWII and that helped her so much emotionally. It helped her finally feel connected to her deceased father before her own death. 

  • I uncovered the Church which still exists in County Kerry, Ireland that my 7 generations back Grandparents were married in. I visited and attended Mass in that church in Sept of 2011, and it was magical. 

  • I have met online over 40 distant Cousins via posting on Message Boards and we share our researching information.

  • I discovered the name and the photo of the Ship that My g-g-g-great came over from Ireland during the Potato Famine. 

  •  I have added thousands to my family tree

  •  I have gone to the extra expense of obtaining birth, death, marriage records. 

Pretty freakin cool huh! You can easily do this too! I can't even convey how cool these findings were, and finding out all about each person and meaningful! I look forward to helping you get started with a bunch of tips! 

Amy Amidei
CEO The Bombshell Tribe
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