Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's come time to face myself

It's time to come face to face with MYSELF.
It's easy to pretend like you have it all together. I hope I never come across like that, I TRY -- but there is always a closet or a drawer stuffed with junk (metaphorically or literally) that I'm pretending doesn't exist (a la Monica Gellar). I struggle every single day in different ways and I truly believe I've been in a darker season of my life in the last couple years -- but I've been to DARKER PLACES, and God always, always, always is faithful and uses those seasons to lead us to the brightest light.

Becoming your personal best for plus size women

What I've come to learn and appreciate about Beachbody & the community that we are able to create as individuals and groups is that this isn't about PERFECTION, and I'm living the lesson as I slowly begin to unwrap myself again.

It's been too long since I've considered myself a “fit person” and I just didn’t want to share that because I've been afraid. 
+ I've been afraid to step out into the light and be judged. 
+ I've been afraid to admit that I haven't valued myself enough to put my own health and happiness first.
+ I've been afraid to be truly seen.
+ I've been afraid to confront the demons that I have about my own basic safety due to a traumatic kidnapping and sexual assault when I was little. 
+I’ve been afraid to share these things publicly.

My throat is closing and my eyes are welling up with tears, but it's time to restart my journey and share it WITHOUT FEAR of looking like a failure, like I wasn't strong enough or "committed enough" in the first place and to RE-INSPIRE MYSELF and others ... but myself first and foremost.

I know there are hundreds of you reading this that may never click COMMENT on this blog, but feel afraid in some way to recommit. It may be to your faith, to your fitness, to your DREAM, to your relationship, to your friendships, to your family or to just simply loving yourself for EXACTLY who God made you to be. I can't let you give up, and I can't let the fear of judgement from negative people (who are out there, loud and proud) stop us from reaching the heights we deserve to reach and becoming the people we were designed to become.
Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

I'm RENEWING my dream to feel STRONG and HEALTHY above all else and honor my body first and foremost so I can show up to be the best me for my Creator and the people I am blessed enough to have in my life.
I URGE you today to RENEW YOUR DREAM TOO. No matter where you are, it's time to unwrap that dream in your heart.  Link arms with me and let’s get started..fill out the app HERE

Amy Amidei
CEO and Chief Troublemaker
Becoming Your Personal Best 
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