Friday, May 15, 2015

Do you ever feel like your life is a living, breathing LIFE LESSON

Perhaps I can credit it to the last three years since my Mother’s death as being utterly painful, emotionally & financially, and the last year of really being waist deep in personal development (see my blog post---

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 I have mentors who teach me to see failure as our greatest assets and sometimes I’m in a constant battle of surrendering to God and His purpose (while showing up and working for everything I've asked for) with a huge sense of grace and forgiveness for myself -- after all if HE can forgive me, who am I to withhold it from myself?
Often I find that the moments of GROWTH are actually in messy conversations, in missteps, in disappointments and in failed attempts. It sucks. It doesn't feel good -- but we are robbing ourselves of the lesson in it all. GROWTH is not always -- if ever -- in the VICTORIES. They are invisible. They are not celebrated. They weigh heavy on your heart. They are the thoughts you cannot shake. But when you DO conquer them -- you OWN THEM, they are all yours, they are personal, they are private, they are etched deep in your mind and heart and being.
We can be so ignorant that we shift our eyes to focus on self pity and pessimism, that we miss the shining golden trophy of experience and "lesson learned".⠀
There are moments that make or break us, and we make the DECISION to take a step back and find the lesson, or wallow in the failure. I choose LIFE LESSONS every time and I would challenge you to do the same -- whatever your mess at the moment.
Good news. 
1. You're growing.
2. No one will probably ever be harder on you than you.
3. Failure is TEMPORARY. Quitting is forever. There is no where to go but UP
4. The hottest mess experience you will ever live through will be the VERY story you share in your keynote speech in front of thousands.
5. I believe in myself even if NO ONE gets what I am attempting to do

J K Rowling said that rock bottom was the very foundation on which she choose to rebuild her life. She had a vision, worked like a obsessed person, suffered rejection from many publishers, had to rewrite her manuscript many times…and the rest is HISTORY 

****Oh yeah, she is worth more than the Queen now and has done HUGE things for charity organizations***  #girlboss 
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