Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keep the inner circle TIGHT!

Your life is profoundly transformed by the people you CHOOSE to invest time, love, support, honesty, and belief in. Have the dignity to distance yourself from those who lower your happiness, deplete your energy, jack your mojo, question your character or cause you to doubt yourself. Hold love in your heart for those people, and who knows maybe someday things will be different, but it is never your responsibility to put your own life on hold for them or to convince another person of your value. 

Every one of us is busy. Too busy. Create space and time for positive people to come into your life. Surround yourself with those who believe in your dreams and who not only share your beliefs, but who have enough love for you to call you out when you stray. The people who will lift you up and genuinely want to see you succeeds are hard to come by. Real people are rare people. You won’t find many. You’ll know when you have. It takes time. Who you are (on the inside) and who you value yourself will begin to attract those very people into your life. Make room. Sometimes that means you have to do some house cleaning.

God has a unique way of bringing the right people from all corners of the world together. It’s up to you to honor those connections and patiently cultivate trust and appreciation. 
I have several rare friends. I feel truly blessed to have them. They will just look me in the eyes and say “I understand”. 

Today I challenge you to honor the RARE….reach out to the REAL. Reach out and make time….no matter how busy you are…for the rare people who charge your batteries, and restore your faith. Spend time with those who see you for who you really are…bolster your purpose and inspire you to do what matters most. 

Get inspired and show them some gratitude today!  #familytreefitness #amyamidei 

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Amy Amidei
CEO, FamilyTreeFitness

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