Monday, March 2, 2015

Keeping a fitness journal

Keeping a fitness journal...pain or pleasure....but 100% necessary! What is your favorite way to track your food and portion sizes? Do you keep a little notebook in your purse, a super cool app that you use. (Please share if you know a good one!)
We just all simply forget....a snack here, a handful here, a Tbsp of mayo versus a tsp... it can add up lickety-split for sure. It also can show exactly why that weight is dropping like it should be.

When you are doing a exercise program like 21 Day Fix..that is the difference between the weight coming off in a small trickle stream of water..and turning the faucet on full blast were your body becomes a fat burning powerhouse!
If nutrition/portion control is 80% of your weight loss and exercise is 20%... and you can't out exercise a bad diet...hmmm.. Repeat that line 3 times! Let that sink into your consciousness.
March is about awareness and putting things back on the front burner.
You can't out exercise a bad diet........
I want you to make a promise to yourself....It's March...and March is all about renewal of's about raising the blinds up and seeing things clearer. Keep a journal, and twice a day ...say noon and before down everything, be honest..knowing that NO ONE else will see this book. It's ok to be vulnerable....only your eyes are going to see this. This journal is about being honest with yourself about what's going on, too much stress eating, maybe just weren't as organized as you could have been. Maybe its just changing out some snacks for something more nutrient or fiber dense to keep you fuller longer.... It's March ...WE GOT THIS!!! I believe in you!!
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