Sunday, March 8, 2015

Get emotional about your Future

I woke up VERY emotional today. Not a poor me kind of emotional but a woah, full circle type moment.  A lot of people might not realize this about me but I feel SO compelled to share this today.

I used to wonder how people could cry when reading a book or how people could get so caught up in the moment and let tears stream down their face. In my mind, I was like “GET IT TOGETHER” people. I'm an emotional person, but I built up a wall, which basically blocked or filtered everyone else out. I'm completely changing my life and I am literally starting to live like a brand new person. Talk about being given a second chance that is how I feel.

The other years in my life are nothing even remotely close to where I am at now. It can be really painful to re-live your past because it brings up really difficult moments that you wish never happened.

I think most people will ask, "Well what happened to you Amy?"

Truly, 44 years of built up thoughts can really take a toll. The constant beating myself up for asking questions about WHY I wasn't where I thought I should be in life. For me personally, it makes me stronger when I re-live the hard times in my head because I never want to go back there. When I see others going threw hard times after giving 100%, I can't help but feel emotional.

I now know that it's my everyday job to help others feel like friggen' BADASS!
I can change my life, and continue to set audacious goals and with my own two hands and feet (with the help of my amazing support system of friends and family.)

On the other hand of being emotional today, I have been talking to many people lately who are just settling in their own misery. They straight up say to me, "I am stressed, miserable and unhappy but I don't have time to fix it." NO, you listen to me because I lived that life before. 

You don't have to settle and if you do, I feel sorry for you. You have One Life that you have to SPEND, so why not spend it happy and healthy. Don't fall to the VICTIM role, don't do it! When I am surrounded by the positivity and powerful change in my Beachbody World, it's a big wake up call to realize how many people still need our help. What keeps me going??? My team does! My team is made up people who want to DREAM BIG, and join The Bombshell Tribe.... and who welcomed the much wanted change !

The best part is, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY I wake up to my team sharing their journey, their weight loss, their confidence and their true self-love which in turn makes them so HAPPY. I strive so hard to make everyone become a BELIEVER in themselves! I am making a difference in this world!!!!

We all want a better world yet ....half of the world barely does anything at all other than complain and bring negative energy. Not us! I work for a company that is rock solid, changing lives and giving people BACK the person that they used to be. Holy MacGregor!  

THAT IS WHY I AM EMOTIONAL TODAY because I can help someone say, "I did it too." I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Amy Amidei,

CEO and Chief Troublemaker
The Bombshell Tribe

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