Monday, March 2, 2015

First Steps in building your Beachbody Business

I'm so thrilled to have joined Beachbody after a very long soul has missed the friendships, the workouts, the drive to work towards becoming your personal best. 

The Emerald Coach Rank below is just the first step on the journey to helping others and building you business. I was super pumped to reach this rank in less than a month + reaching Success Club 5

What does this equate too? Helping really dear people not just buy a Challenge Pack thru my site that matches perfectly to their lifestyle and goals.

but then linking arms with them after getting to know some insight on their current habits and challenges that they need to overcome.. 

My Team is a mixture of awesomesauce Men and Women who either:

1. Love the Beachbody Programs & are looking for a home business to rock out!

2. Love the Beachbody Programs & just want to become a Coach for the 25% off Discount

My Customers/Friends are people who either: 

1.  People who need a stellar workout program and want to join my latest Challenge Group so that I can help them reach their goals!

2. It's very common that those same people after getting their results or even in the middle of their journey become Coaches because they are swamped with their friends and family saying, "Hey what are you doing and how can I get those results!" 
 (Yeah total no brainer to then become a Coach, right!)   

I would so enjoy having the ability to help you improve your health and fitness

Click below so that I can serve you as your free coach!

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