Sunday, February 15, 2015

What I believe.....Fire in her soul

I believe in Love. The kind that doesn't hurt intentionally. The kind that grows stronger instead of fizzling out.
I believe in the power of prayer. The glory of faith. The beauty of spirituality.

I believe that anything is possible and reality is what you let yourself accept it to be.
I believe that life is a journey of triumph over adversity. Hitting a stump in the road and turning it into a stepping stone.
I believe that animals are a form of God's angels on Earth.
I believe that what I am is God's gift to me and what I become is my gift to God.
I believe contentment is sacrificing the possibilities of self-expansion.
But I also believe that you have to learn to slow down enough to enjoy the simple yet wonderful things in life otherwise missed.
I believe in the potential that lies in every one of us to do great things. The trick is for you to see it and do something about it.
I believe in being true to yourself, true to your friends, and true to God. To be any other way but your way would defeat the purpose of your being.
I believe in dreaming, but know that God can dream bigger dreams for me than I can dream for myself.
I believe in having an open-mind about everything. Close-mindedness is the reason behind the loss of so many innocent people.
I believe in knowing your beliefs. Know what you stand for and what you expect to give, take, and get from life. It makes the journey that much more rewarding.
And most of all...
I believe in purpose. Making your life count. Sharing your story. Touching peoples lives by simply being apart of it. Caring enough to listen. Taking part in life and making sure you become all that you can be. You are beautifully original and should let the world see God's masterpiece, YOU! smile emotic

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