Saturday, February 28, 2015

Join the most Awesome Team in Beachbody

When you hear that Beachbody‬ not only sells all the TOP Selling Complete Workout Systems, and is also a Network Marketing Company what's your first reaction?! 

Do you jump for joy or ask yourself what is that? or sounds fishy---> I'm out?!

My first reaction was truly---> I have no idea what that is, or how it works, but I love love love the products and heck I noticed that I already owned like four of the workouts Beachbody sold so its a no brainer. 

I had no idea what I was doing. But I had this super strong belief in myself and my willingness to dig in and keep my eyes open!!! 

The more I educated myself about what network marketing was and WASN'T I learned that I was actually apart of an organization that DOES AMAZING THINGS DAY IN AND DAY OUT for people health, body, and mindset...also benefiting their finances. 

It's completely not what you think of a traditional career that our society has painted. But it is completely legitimate and a super smart way to earn a living!

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and a person will only be successful ONLY when they help others!

I am not at the top, in fact I just joined in Feb 2015. I am right along side of my team making it happen day in and day out! In my first month I hit my first two markers of success..Hitting Emerald Rank and Success Club 5! yay! 

I get to determine my paycheck by my efforts, and my daily activities based on my own goals.

I don't have quarterly reviews, performance evaluations, or mandatory meetings with my boss! I don't have to horde vacation days. I no longer will have to feel emotionally bad for calling in sick when I am horribly sick (anyone feeling me on this) I don't have to worry about what teeny tiny once a year raise I may or may not get..... because I am my own boss. 

Network marketing is what you want it to be! If you embrace the idea that its a business that can change your life it will TRULY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It's just that some people are open and some people are not open to it. 

I can't imagine life any other way! I used to be a Beachbody Coach a few years back...prior to my dear Mother's death..and now i have just rejoined...and my heart and soul is happy again, Happy to be of service to others, happy to get my own health and fitness back on track, happy to help change the lives of health of good hearted, driven men and woman...who are just ready to be apart of something amazing. Join my Team ....Dream Big Dynasty...I'm so blessed to have joined under Beachbody Top Coach..and my whole team gets full access some amazing super sauce training!  

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This picture was taken at a event in Pittsburgh about a month before I joined and I was not there since I live in San Diego, but as you can see this is a huge group of some awesomesauce people...but really a smart part of a huge organization

Amy Amidei
CEO The Bombshell Tribe

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