Saturday, January 3, 2015

Start off the year in a powerful way

I'm setting out a massive goal to start off the year in a powerful way!

In the past when I set audacious goals there would be MANY times that I thought that the goal was completely unobtainable & near impossible.

BUT...this girl likes to dream REALLY BIG. So I set my goals high, put them on a vision board & each day I told myself... "You can do this."

Every single year that I have set "Written" goals. I have always obtained them and usually within 6 months of keeping focused. On years in my life when I didn't set written goals I was like a ship without a rudder. The difference looking back is staggering.

I set them in FIVE areas: Personal, Physical, Financial, Spiritual and Career

I will work my TAIL off
I have changed my priorities
I will sacrificed time away from other things I want to do
I will stayed up later
I will read more
I will workout harder
I will put in 100% effort every single day.

It won't always be easy,
I will show up every single day,
And I will never give up.

Because I know...

When you put [ F A I T H ] behind your DREAMS,
ANYTHING is possible.

If you have BIG goals or dreams (whatever they are),
with FAITH + BELIEF + CAN achieve them.

becoming your personal best

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