Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MARKETING COMPANIES are ON TO YOU!!! Shakeology dare to compare

I am making some changes in my life that will help me to lead a healthy LIFESTYLE... and I make it a point to SHARE those things with others!

ONE thing that I have learned is that MARKETING COMPANIES are ON TO YOU!!! They know that most of us (who are trying to be health conscious) flip over the product and take a quick glance at 3-4 things (Calories, Carbs, Protein... and of course, COST) so they do whatever it takes to make their product LOW CAL, LOW-CARB, RICH in PROTEIN and try to do so at a LOW COST, so that YOU will buy it.

But what that USUALLY means is that they have to ADD artificial sweeteners like SUCRALOSE for taste and that "SUGAR-FREE" label (which by the way are PROVEN to make you gain weight by stimulating your appetite, increasing cravings and stimulating FAT storage) and/or SUBTRACT the actual NUTRITIONAL VALUE (so that they can keep COSTS down and make a profit!)

But here is the thing: Your body NEEDS NUTRIENTS (Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc) in order to function as the well oiled machine it was designed to be. While LOW-CAL may keep you SKINNY, it most definitely alone is not going to be what keeps you HEALTHY.

I am not just talking healthy like you won't get type-two diabetes or cancer, or high Blood Pressure. I KNOW girls in my demographic are worried about that right now, let me ask you this:

➢Do you wake up feeling RESTED?
➢Do you have SUSTAINED ENERGY throughout the day WITHOUT coffee or Red Bull?
➢Do you have CLEAR FOCUS while at work?
➢Are you constantly battling CRAVINGS?
➢Do you tend to get sick often?
➢Oh, and are you "REGULAR?" (you know what I mean)

ALL of these things are linked to your HEALTH and the kind of nutritional choices you are making. So, yea... I believe in SHAKEOLOGY and I'm drinking it nearly EVERY day!  

When you KNOW BETTER, You DO BETTER!!! Dig a little deeper and I think you'll see, you always GET what you PAY for! I am WORTH IT... are you? Want to try it?? You can get my personal support to make sure your experience is A++ ask me how!!!

becoming your personal best, Shakeology Compare

Amy Amidei
CEO and Troublemaker
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