Sunday, November 16, 2014

Courage....Get Some

I was just thinking about what it takes to reach your highest potential...

Vision, Passion and quite possibly the most important...Courage

Courage: When you are afraid...hands shaking... butterflies swarming your tummy...and you forge ahead and follow your dreams anyway.

Sometimes making a BOLD move is the only way to force yourself to grow into the person you were meant to be. I look back on some of my boldest moves...quitting my eleven year career as a Fraud Specialist ...walking away from my brand new first house....because my mother only had a couple years to live. At the time, it was the scariest financial decision I've ever made, but they also turned out to be the most rewarding in other ways. 

I got to spend quality and quantity time with my mother before her death. Met a bunch of girls who are amazing, and embody all the qualities I most cherish. I was had my first experience being a Team Beachbody Coach. I'm looking forward to developing my Beachbody business again, and changing a lot of lives for the better including my own!

Fear is a poison that will try it's hardest to immobilize you and paralyze your actions. Every Time you give in to your fear, you lose strength and belief in yourself. The same goes with depression!

Draw a line in the sand and decide that no matter how difficult the path ahead may will push past your anxiety & keep moving forward.

I've been afraid of rejection, afraid of not being perfect & afraid, and that I would stumble and fail. What I am most proud of is being fearful and taking action regardless. Many times, I have surprised myself by rising to the occasion and prevailing. But there have also been moments of humbling failure. Like having to accept a job that would only pay 50% of my bills because I just needed a job ASAP.  While I may not have understood it at the time, those are the experiences that taught me the MOST valuable lessons.

So I'm asking you to trust me and I challenge you to step out of the norm. Take a chance and vote on YOU. There will be obstacles, others might not understand what you are doing, you'll stumble, you'll fall, some people might think you're crazy (and others will be crazy enough to tell you so). 

At times you might feel like everyone closest to you doesn't understand your dream. That is seriously ok with that.

But consider the alternative... if you give up on your dreams.... will you be content living with you're life the way it is now...or is there a tiny voice that is getting louder saying...LISTEN UP & GO AFTER THAT GOAL!  

What if instead of achieve success beyond your wildest dream? What if pursuing your dream gives others the courage to bet on themselves? WHAT IF finding your joy and following it means a life of fulfillment?

Instead of fear being a roadblock, look it right in the eye and steal it's power. Decide that you're ready to GO FOR IT no matter that. The TRUE measure of courage is not whether or not you reach your's how many times you get back on your feet. It's standing up and pursuing your dreams. 

You're never going to feel READY...and you might always feel that fear...but weigh the FEAR against the incredible POSSIBILITIES...and I know you'll be ready to dive in headfirst  <<-- speaking from personal experience on this one 

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.


Amy XXOO   Dream Big Dynasty
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