Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are you an introvert or extravert?

Are you A or B? Post it below!

A.) Feels energized by being around others. You love having the emotion and passion of other people in the room. You like to work in groups, and if had to run errands, you would want someone to accompany you.

- or -

B.) Likes being around others, but feels energized when alone. You are very sensitive to the energy and emotions of those around you, so you can end up feeling drained by social situations. You like to think and work on your own and can get distracted from a project easily if others are around.

Do you feel that these traits benefit or hinder you in social situations?

I'm sure you guessed it, A is an extravert and B is an introvert. This is completely different than being shy vs. outgoing! This has to do with where you feel re-energized.
Knowing whether you're an introvert or extravert is important because there are times in life when we have to make ourselves a little uncomfortable in a social situation to make sure others around you ARE comfortable.

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