Monday, September 1, 2014

My Fav Health Shake

What would you say if I told you- every single day- for lunch, I have 70 super foods, all my daily vitamins from whole food sources (not chemicals like a multi vitamin) pro and pre-biotics, with nothing artificial and it tastes amazing?!?!

Because when I heard all this I said sign me up! Anything to make clean eating easy- and convenient, works well for me and a busy lifestyle.

A huge bonus has been the how much BETTER I feel, in particular my hair and nails grow faster. I have never been able to have long hair only shoulder length since I discovered Shakeology a few years ago my hair has been thick, and down to my waist. Until just recently when I got a new hairstyle. I even got compliments at my Mothers funeral on how healthy and shiny my hair was...weird huh.

Shakeology, Shakeology ingrediants

Isn't this picture a trip! It's canisters full of all the superfoods that go into Shakeology with the description of their benefits!

love the shakes. becoming your personal best, shakeology

I seriously have a deep love for this shake! Chocolate is my favorite. 

This is the most fantastic thing you can drink for your health! Hands down. You need this!  



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