Monday, August 25, 2014

The ingredient I love to add into my Shakeology the most

shakeology boost, becoming your personal best

These boost are the boob diggity!

Shakeology is amazing and is designed to clean you out like a broom. The Digestive Health boost is so that you can "UP' your Fiber even more.

Power Greens and I, are probably going to become best friends because I have to really focus and plan to get my veggies in. 

Adding these boosts to one of these flavors...yummy! 

Shakeology flavors, Becoming your personal best

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Gotta be straight with you that ordering Shakeology in one of our Challenge Packs, which is ShakeO + a Workout the financially smart way to go.....then add on a boost!  OHHMMMGEEE!

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Amy Amidei
Becoming Your Personal Best
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