Thursday, August 7, 2014

I love Pancake's and Starbucks..but....

So....yeah....I used to really really love pancakes. You know those ones from McDonalds that have about 1000 calories in one serving? Also a good Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino . Love love love them!  They are one of the reasons I had gained a bunch of weight. 

When I decided I was going to make some changes to my eating habits, I was really concerned about giving up my pancakes and the cost of Shakeology. I think a lot of people are (at least about the Shakeology part). When you purchase Shakeology, you receive a supply to last you an entire month. A MONTH OF MEALS! And I was sitting there wondering if it was a good investment or not. However, I wasn't used to budgeting for an entire month of meals up front.  I was too busy dropping little bits here and there every day.

Becoming Your Personal Best, Shakeology, Love the shakes

The month I started using Shakeology I decided to compare what I was spending to what I had spent before. I reviewed my bank account, looked at receipts, and made a list to see the exact damage. I was sure I would convince myself Shakeology was too expensive to continue, even with the coach discount of 25%.

I was crazy WRONG.

I quickly realized I was blowing a lot of money on breakfasts and coffees. A coffee at Starbucks every day, swinging by McDonalds to get those pancakes a couple times a week, plus all of the groceries I was buying. Plus I was totally treating myself to a Papa John's Pizza at least 3 times a month. Seriously you really you have "issues" when the pizza delivery guys all know you by first I was Norm on Cheers or something. Remember in every episode when Norm would enter the bar it was a loud NORM. Yeah, like omg, so not good.  It all ended up totaling $175 a month. Yikes! I won't even mention the health factor of inhaling such garbage every morning and on the weekends. And I felt that I was just giving myself little treats and not really being all that bad, Yikes river of denial, party of one!!!!

Numbers don't lie. I save myself a lot of money replacing one meal with my shake. Don't get me wrong, I still allow myself one fancy pants coffee from Starbucks once a month, and I will still make pancakes every now and again.  I'm getting much smarter about my food choices these days, and I'm happy about that. Not only am I getting the nutrients my body was previously lacking, but I am increasing my energy and saving myself a whole lot of money in the process.

And you know where that money can go, right? Geek toys and shopping at Sephora (I swear that place is like Harry Potter's Chemistry Shop) 

Amy Amidei
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