Sunday, August 17, 2014

How do you define success?

Quick.. What do you imagine when you close your eyes and see yourself as successful (based on YOUR definition) 

How do you define success? No judgment... No wrong answer. When you think of where you would need to be in order to feel that you could call yourself successful, where would that be? What would you need in order to truly FEEL successful? 

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Is there a dollar amount, a level of income associated with your definition? Does your definition have something to do with your title or recognition? Your impact on the world? Power? Influence? Toys? Relationships? Investments?

For me, I thought it might be having a home and a high rank within a large corporation, but I've come to believe those things have nothing to do with success. I used to believe that it was my ability to earn money and do the things I wanted to do for others and myself that defined success. Yes, money does make some things, many things easier, including helping those in need, but it didn't make me feel like I was "successful" because honestly, I really couldn't stop the cycle of work = earnings = taking care of people = my value (for many years)...

Being able to pay for things for other people might have at times relieved temporary discomfort, but what really made me feel good was when I could teach someone something that changed their life.

In just the last several years I have dramatically redefined what it means to be successful. It's multifaceted for me now, but much of it revolves around teaching, sharing and coaching. For me success is the confidence to know I don't need people to know my name. Success is an unwavering belief in God's plan and being in a place mentally, financially, spiritually and professionally that I can help others in all the right ways, for all the right reasons... and that doesn't always have a dollar sign attached.

When I help someone make the climb (on their own) I have given him or her, a much more rewarding gift than money could buy.

That's my definition. I suppose it will change as I get older and life takes its interesting turns... but that's where I'm at today.

How about you?

First close your eyes... give this some thought and share with me your definition of success.

Thanks for reading! 


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