Saturday, July 4, 2015

Declaring my Independence Day! Goal Setting

I made the bold choice of canceling any and all plans for this Fourth of July weekend. I wanted quiet time to review the things that I needed to change in my life. Feeling like I've hit bottom in almost every area of my life with the exception of my treasured friendships.

I Declare my Independence Day...Starting today..with some serious goal setting!

After a super rough couple of years, financially not making ends meet, having to ask for financial help. Watching my Mother's life winding down in an extremely painful gut wrenching way. Passing away far too soon after neglecting and ignoring her health issues. Always joking that she would lie down till the feeling passed if she ever felt inspired to exercise.

I realized that I needed to start managing myself after putting myself on the back burning for FAR TOO LONG.  This is my Independence Day...Day One of the "Goal Setting Express"!

There are so many guru who teach this topic really well! One of them is Chalene Johnson and her book "Push". She calls it that because she has you set push goals. It's really enjoyable. Also she teaches you how to reverse engineer those goals that seem unattainable. 

I have found it easier to set one and five year goals.....BUT then I circle back and make quarterly goals for that first year. So that month by month I need to get certain parts accomplished to reach the overall goal. 

I set goals in each of Five Categories:  Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Physical, and Educational. 

Even if you hit your target within 25%, or 50%, or 75% or more.....You've accomplished a lot! 

Without goals....I feel like a ship without a rudder...just destined to drift aimlessly. 

Set some goals and change your life!


Amy Amidei
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